Sometimes a great photo can be hours of waiting, monitoring light and a host of other varying details. Other times it can be a quick snap and it is nothing more than luck that gives the captured image something special.
Luckily we now have Instagram, so all that bullshit is in the past. All you have to do is stop on the side of the road (in the middle if you are Ron) and snap away. Select the best filter and bam! You have yourself a sweet photo.
I am going on the record as saying this is a good thing. It means most of our photos will now look sweet, and this one here is case in point. Thanks for the awesome day by the way gippsland. Xo

  1. Regardless of filters – that photo is the result of brilliant framing. Chapeau!

    • vvmcc said:

      The ride was a blast! (of gale force wind). Post to drop sometime this week. I highly recommend the Gippsland area for all your scenery (and surprisingly climbing) needs.


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