This will be a post for all the bike nerds out there, so if word like ‘threaded headset’ or ‘italian bottom bracket’ confuse or bore you, feel free to watch this instead

Firstly, a little back story. A few months back my house was broken into and, amongst other things, my main bike was stolen. Note: If anyone sees a blue Cecil Walker with Tange chrome fork and Pro-Lites, hit up VVMCC!

So, now i had a bike to replace. After many hours of searching i finally settled on a sweet Chesini Arena from the early 90’s. Columbus SL/SP tubing, full 7400 Dura Ace, and shiny paint. It was right up my alley.


The only things changed were the saddle to a San Marco Rolls and a half decent set of STI levers as I already have a down tube shifted bike. If any of you have ever tried to climb a hill with DT shifters you will know why I changed.



One annoying thing was the cone nut on the rear brake went missing on the maiden voyage. Please feel free to message vvmcc if you have one


Another poorly shot photo from the non-drive side.

The SP/SL mix works well for me as the SP seat-tube seems to make it a bit stiffer than other bikes in the VVMCC stable, but that is a post for another day. Tune in next month for another profile on one of our bikes. I can promise it will contain bike nerd fappery and another hilarious clip for those not so vintage steel-ey inclined. /p>;;;


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  1. Dirk said:

    Nice bike!! Good choice !

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