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It's been a while since we've posted anything up as we've been having too much fun.  I guess we've been quietly accumulating some stories and pictures.

A number of projects have been completed during the last 6 months, I've finally built my dream bike, it's a mixture of old and new.  Scott has gone titanium whilst Gareth has completed his Gazelle.  I'm also slowly completing a Van Werkhoven townie for my sister and Huw has finally replaced the broken Bianchi.  We will be showing you more photos during the coming days and weeks.

Further to this, we've ridden up Baw Baw, Lake Mountain, Terrys Avenue, Donna Buang, Dandenongs and countless repeats of Yarra Boulevard.  Oh, Niall and Scott have also joined a local club and are now racing track on weekdays!

Along with the scenery, we've also met some good friends along the way.

It's been a very eventful past few months and we can't wait to fill you in with what's been happening!

After almost a year of organising, we managed get Aidan and Huw to come along for a ride.  For one, it was a baptism of fire and for the latter, a spectacular dismount halfway down Kinglake.  Both didn’t finish, but I’m certain we haven’t scared them off.  Aidan is highly competitive and Huw is as strong as an ox and feels no pain.  They’ll be back in not time.

We hadn’t done the Hurtsbridge-Wittlesea-Kinglake loop in over 6 months and it was a great way to gauge how much we had progressed with our riding.  Suffice to say, we completely smashed our PBs going up Humevale Rd.

IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8210 IMG_8211

I was looking through my photo album and I found a set of shots taken from a solo ride back in November.  It’s a fantastic ride if you’re ever around the region as it gives you an excellent glimpse of what the Grampians offers.  There were two climbs that I took on for this ride, Mt William and Reeds Lookout.  As the climbing cyclist has already covered Reeds Lookout, I won’t digress too much on it. Here’s a link for the lazy;

The Climbing Cyclist – Reeds Lookout

Mt Wlliam is pretty much the same as Reeds Lookout, except the views improve as you go up higher.  It starts as soon as you turn left from Grampians Rd and continues on for 9.5km.  The average gradient  is between 4-6% and climbs 585m over the distance.

It’s definitely challenging, but far from punishing.  There is a false flat at around the 5.5km mark where the gradient drops to 2%, providing some respite halfway through.  There are two sections were it can end and mostly depends on your level of fitness.  The first is the car park and if you’re up for the challenge (and fun), continue past the boomgates to the summit towers.  It’s another 231 metres of climbing, averaging at 12% for 2km on a narrower bitumen road.

Here are some links –

Strava – Mt William summit – Strava – Mt William carpark cycle2max 



Below are a few shots I took whilst descending Mt William.  Forgive me for the quality, all shots were taken form my phone.

IMG_8194 IMG_8195 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8198

Photos of Reeds Lookout –

IMG_8199 IMG_8200 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8203

If you’re after another climb around the region, I would also recommend going up Boroka Lookout.  Below is a shot of what awaits once you’re up there.  I won’t do a write up on it due to a couple of reasons, I didn’t ride up it and the climbing cyclist has already done the job for me.


As you may have gathered from my previous post, I’ve been travelling during the last month through Japan and China to put my feet up after three years of non-stop work and study.  One of the best things that I did whilst overseas (and blog worthy) was to go island hopping by bike in Onomichi.

I didn’t get many opportunities to go cycling in this trip, as my wife is generally averse to riding distances over 20km and that I travelled sans bike.

It starts from Onomichi City and ends on Shikoku in Imabari City.  The main route follows the Shimanami Kaido, a 60 km road that connects the six islands.

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 12.09.49 PM

The designated route is relatively easy as it follows the island coastlines, but you also have the option to increase the degree of difficulty by going inland and taking on the hills.  There is also the option of taking the ferry if you pussy out halfway through the trip.  Below are few photos of this ride.


IMG_0077 IMG_0076 IMG_0075 IMG_0074 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0071 IMG_0070 IMG_0069 IMG_0068

For her to thoroughly enjoy it is a testament to how amazing this part of Japan is.  I truly recommend that you do this on your next visit to Japan.