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It's been a while since we've posted anything up as we've been having too much fun.  I guess we've been quietly accumulating some stories and pictures.

A number of projects have been completed during the last 6 months, I've finally built my dream bike, it's a mixture of old and new.  Scott has gone titanium whilst Gareth has completed his Gazelle.  I'm also slowly completing a Van Werkhoven townie for my sister and Huw has finally replaced the broken Bianchi.  We will be showing you more photos during the coming days and weeks.

Further to this, we've ridden up Baw Baw, Lake Mountain, Terrys Avenue, Donna Buang, Dandenongs and countless repeats of Yarra Boulevard.  Oh, Niall and Scott have also joined a local club and are now racing track on weekdays!

Along with the scenery, we've also met some good friends along the way.

It's been a very eventful past few months and we can't wait to fill you in with what's been happening!